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Friday November 24th 19:00

Last week,  a random group of people ended up around my dinner table and we agreed that we would like to invite a small group of like-hearted friends to symbolically light the first Paros Beacon at 19:00 on Friday November 24th. 

The Paros Beacon would be lit as:

1) A iconic symbol for connection and a proactive gesture towards world harmony.

2) A synchronistic vibration-raiser amongst friends around the world on the same timeline.

3) An opening salvo to inspire a new type of pop-up festival on Paros island.

The Paros Beacon will be lit in a shamanic fire ceremony by Jessica Mallock, an Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, TRE (tension & trauma release exercise) Provider, Mentor, Creative Guide and Grandmother.

Her life’s work has been to explore her inner and outer landscape and now as an elder she is a guide for others on the path. She brings lightheartedness, depth, safety, peace, wonderment and laughter to her work. She works with Spirit of the Inca (shamanic energy healing school) and has her own private practice as a healer & mentor and is a practising Artist. Her favourite place is to be found in nature, in the physical and the metaphorical which is a kind of wonderment poetry for her.

“We will gather together to make a fire as a community. Calling in sacred space, the ceremony is a movement meditation and a simple and beautiful way to let go of anything that is getting in the way of you stepping into your life. As we stand in circle we also make an offering to pacha mamma, mother earth who’s bely we live on, the fire then becomes The Children’s Fire. This is where we dream a new world into being around world harmony, one not informed by the past but informed by who we are becoming. So we leave something more life enriching and beautiful for the future generations.”

We invite you to send invitations to friends you know around the world to join us by lighting a small fire or a candle at the same time. 


It’s high time we reclaimed the idea of Beacons. Instead of using them merely for the celebration of royal occasions, anniversaries or such other star-spangled ceremonials, let’s re-ignite them as signals for significant connection and celebration, of the universal desire for more harmony and peace in the world. The Beacons will bring light to this sense of connection and universal commonality between us all, whatever the beliefs, borders or prejudices.

May the Beacon lighting of the 24th be a spark for global connection but also for the start of a week when we might try out a few DIY events that could help shape a 'Grace and Spark' Paros Winter Gathering. 

Most of all, it's a prayer for World Harmony. Here is Lucy Hill singing her prayer

As my friend Boho says :

"On the enchanting island of Paros, we are coming together to host a truly special event—an intimate gathering of souls for the inaugural "Light a Beacon" Together for Peace and World Harmony. This unique assembly will feature its first-ever shamanic fire ceremony. Our collective intention is to bring forth a new world—a realm where people step out of their homes and into a space of unity, prayer, and vision for a better tomorrow.

The night promises to be rich with magical conversations, and I ask you to bring an open heart to join in the enchantment. This experience marks the first of its kind on Paros, with many more magical gatherings to follow. Follow the magic within.”


Last week, my good friend Matt Coldrick mentioned to me "Wouldn't it be good if Paros had a Winter Festival?" This got us talking on this week's Artists Way session and sparks ignited. So we decided to float this idea out into the ether and see where it goes and who picks up on it...

Quite a few folks are agreed that we need to be thinking more outside the box these days so will came up with a long term vision, which we intend to launch properly in 2024. It would be entirely community based and also reflect an increasing awareness of and interest in subject matter such as health, wellbeing, quality food and local heritage, some key interests that are likely to attract visitors to the island out of season, whilst also appealing to islanders who might be bored with what's on offer in terms of winter entertainment options.

This year we are thinking of offering a ‘prototype’ around the end of November, and we see the Beacon lighting ceremony on November 24th as the spark to initiate further emergent possibilities until the beginning of December across the island.

Here's the gen:

We all invite people to do at-home style ‘pop up’ events in their home or village / town. These might be talks or how-to sessions, making, arts and crafts, music performance, wellbeing or exercise sessions, fireside meditations, peace vigils, guided walks, writing sessions, visits to places of architectural or historical interest, film nights, fireside meditations, workshops, cookery sessions, gardening and permaculture, quiz nights or anything that takes your fancy.

Think of it as inviting friends round, even if they are friends you may not have met yet...

If you’d like to offer something, please email me pete.lawrence@campfireconvention.com. If we get enough response the first (prototype) Grace and Spark Paros Winter Festival will be born this year...

More info

Coming Event Tickets

November 17 Ambient Musical Journey with Pete Lawrence

November 24 Lighting the Paros Beacon

December 1 Total Immersion Music Night: Matt Coldrick Chakra meditation and Music Selector evening

See you around the fire,

Pete Lawrence, Campfire Convention Firestarter 

Pete Lawrence
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After last year's Paros Gathering and this summer's UK Campout, we happy to announce that we are heading back to the Cyclades for a Five-Day vacation retreat on the wonderful island of Iraklia. This September, we are inviting you to join us to explore Cycladic serenity, island heritage, local food and drink,music, art, conversation, swimming, wellbeing, connection and transformation.


Iraklia is stark and beautiful, the most westerly island of the Small Cyclades, one hour south of Naxos. It’s quiet and traditional, unspoilt and an ideal destination for walkers and meditators alike. 

Leave behind the more hectic urban environment and bustling islands in favour of a relaxing few days enjoying the simplicity of small island life.

There are two settlements on the island, the tiny port of Agios Georgios and Pangaea, 4.5Km apart. Our accommodation is just ten minutes walk from the port and offers pretty much the best Cycladian sunrises you could ever wish for. 

The Five Day Programme will be very emergent include morning well-being activities such as meditation, yoga or Qigong.  We have an option to organise boat excursions (additional fee) to the island’s hidden beaches and coves, walks on traditional paths, imposing mountains, outings to stalactite caves and ancient ruins. We will immerse ourselves in local nature, history, myths and customs as we delight in the wild herbs, encounter goats living free in the mountains and and watch birds of prey circling. We will enjoy sharing stories, conversations and local fresh food and drink, cooking communally or at the local tavernas. 

Last year's Paros Gathering slide show / video will give an indication of the vibe...

Full details and photo gallery on the Campfire Network 

Pete Lawrence